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The road to success can be tough but the resilience to overcome the travails is satisfying. I want to point out that the life of this school is one that makes a very huge history and influence in the lives of people and the society as well. As the principal of this school, my greatest joy is the victory song of restoration and stabilization of the school’s golden image and status as the oldest and most successful institution of learning in the history of this country.Growth is a developmental requirement and this has been strongly desired for the school. As we work towards developing the crop of students coming into the school, we are also looking at instilling very high standards in both academics and sports; areas that we have already started making substantial gains like it use to be in the past. This is a good sign of progress that has to be sustained. We have also placed emphasis on discipline as a bed-rock to our efforts in making the school more worthy of a sound educational credibility. This is an idea we imbibe in the students since they are the target group of our
plans and programmes.


St Augustine's is committed to providing each student with the educational opportunities and quality resources essential for the achievement of personal excellence in scholarship, citizenship, sport and the arts.


A day of problem solving events that are fun to do and require students to apply their knowledge of science in creative ways. Students work in teams of rather than individually.