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Conference & Workshop

The general requirements for submission of the school register summary data workshop. The 2010-11 School Register Summary (SRS) program was conducted on 21/09/2010 with Saint Augustine’s teachers.

Saints Augustine's academic  development goal workshop intends to be conducted to attain an acceptable level of knowledge, skills and attitude. The workshop aims to  bridge the gap between disparate secondary education educational systems that exist. To promotes quality of education and allows students for greater intra-regional mobility, thereby fostering increased enrolment as well as a growing ability for teachers to rely on national curriculum of secondary education system.
In this workshop, we will discuss syllabus construction, best practices.This session will provide training on using the Turning Point audience response system.


Chemistry Workshop for Secondary School Science Teachers: Addressing Multiple Laboratory Issues

 Saint Augustine's designed to meet a broad spectrum of needs of in-service secondary science teachers. The workshop addresses multiple challenges faced by in-service science teachers and provides them with the tools required for effective laboratory instruction. It incorporates a number of topics related to laboratory instruction, including keeping chemistry content current and highlighting its universal relevance, learning (usually for the first time) how to safely store and dispose of hazardous chemicals, and establishing a synergistic relationship between secondary and university science faculty. An overview of the workshop and its advantages are presented.


High School / Introductory Chemistry


Safety / Hazards


Professional Development


1.Effective and efficient teaching
2.Managing diversity in the classroom: demographic & academic
3.Working with international students
4.Impact on teaching & learning