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Saints Augustine's School Administation has commenced plans to fine tune the modalities for the successful take-off of the  School Football Academy.
It appears that the Football Academy will become a reality. However, creating an academy and administering one are two different kettles of fish; with the former being the less difficult , despite the difficulties being experienced during this Pre-Development phase.
Our reasoning is based on the assumption that if you create and institute a myopic system you will inherit unintended outputs/outcomes.
With this in mind, I am selecting one area to focus on Football Academy.
The academy will  create challenge in the sports area with the cream of the crop of Saints schoolboys now represent  school in the sports.

The move was aimed at discovering young talents and grooming them to become national and international football stars in the nearest future.
Our aim is to develop stars in football and scout out good skillful players withing the country and market them all over the world.