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Organs of the Association

The organs of the association are:      

  1. 1) The General Body;
  2. 2) The executive committee.    

The general body shall be the highest organ within the association and shall comprise of all  members of the Association.     

The general body shall meet at least once every year to:      
1) Receive and discuss the reports on the activities of the association in preceding years    
2) Discuss any question or matters relating to the powers, functions and objectives of the association.  

The General Body shall meet in extra ordinary sessions at the request of the members of  the Association or at the request of the Executive Committee.

The General Body may also hold quarterly meetings.

In addition to the meetings referred to in the two preceding paragraphs, the General Body shall hold special meetings every two years for the purpose   of electing members of the Executive Committee.

The association shall have an executive, which shall be responsible for the administration of the affairs of the Association

The Executive Committee shall be composed of:
The President
Secretary General;
Assistant Secretary General;
Assistant Treasurer;
Social Secretary;
Assistant Social Secretary and
Two other members. 


All members of the Executive Committee shall be elected for a term of  Two years.

The President of the Association shall:

(a) Be the Principal officer of the Association;

(b) Be elected by the General body to serve a Two year term ;

(c) Shall preside at all meetings of both the Executive Committee and the General body.

(d) Shall be a signatory to the Account(s) of the Association;

The Vice-president shall be the Principal Assistant of the President in the performance and discharge of his functions as President and when the President is absent from The Gambia or for any reason unable to perform the functions of his office, the Vice-President shall act on his behalf. Also he shall be a signatory to the account(s) of the Association in the absence of the president.

The Secretary General shall be the principal scribe of the Association and shall be responsible for all correspondence of the association; he shall keep minutes of all the meetings of both Executive Committee and General body of the association and shall be responsible for serving or circulating or publishing notice of meetings on persons who are entitled to be notified.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for:

  • The receipt of all fees and money due to the Association;
  • Keeping accurate and proper books of Accounts of the Association  
  • Countersigning the accounts of the association.

The Assistant treasurer shall countersign the Accounts of the Association in the absences of the Treasurer.

The Social secretary shall be responsible for arranging, planning and implementing programs of activities for the Association and in particular fund raising activities.

The executive Committee may at its discretion establish sub-committees charged with specific responsibility.